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Yofee Tofee, a Modern Hebrew expression meaning "great" or "terrific," describes our fun, engaging program.  As teachers, we observe students' confusion in pronouncing, reading and remembering the Alef-Bet.  We developed YT to address these issues.  YT has successfully trained students of all ages and abilities, in school and privately, for over 25 years.

YT Memory Clues pair each Hebrew letter and vowel with an English visual and auditory prompt.

  • Unlike other mnemonic-based programs, Yofee Tofee's visual prompts are familiar objects that closely resemble the Hebrew character's entire shape. The auditory clue highlights its sound.

  • YT Memory Clues are featured in all program materials. 

  Students using Yofee Tofee
Student using Yofee Tofee Student Cards and Book

 Designed for English speakers

  • Meets the challenge of learning a language that doesn't look like English and is read in the opposite direction.

  • Supports learners who are not routinely exposed to Hebrew.

  • Helps students participate in services and prepare for Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Students using Yofee Tofee Alef-Bet with Poster

Program Objectives:

  • Learn and retain the names, sounds and shapes of the Hebrew letters and vowels.

  • Identify syllables and read words with confidence.

  • Read prayer, Torah and Modern Hebrew words.

  • Print Hebrew letters/vowels.

Yofee Tofee Flashcards make it easy to build and read Hebrew words!

Reading Hebrew can be fun and easy when its alphabet looks like things you know. Yofee Tofee can be used as a complete program or as individual elements.   

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