Rena Jaffe and Ellen Eisenstat are creators of Yofee Tofee, Hebrew Alef-Bet for English Speakers.  Yofee Tofee grew from a method Rena developed using students' English knowledge to build a bridge to the Hebrew alphabet.  Together, they transformed this fun and effective technique into a comprehensive reading program.

Rena holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master's in Education from UCLA.  She taught public school and trained students for B'nei Mitzvah in Los Angeles synagogues.  Rena currently instructs adults to read Hebrew and prayers, chant Torah and prepare for B'nei Mitzvah.

Ellen holds a BA in Communications from Queens College, CUNY.  After a career in television writing/production and public relations, she teaches religious school in LA area synagogues, tutors privately and prepares B'nei Mitzvah students.

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