Yofee Tofee Testimonials 

from Clergy

"Yofee Tofee Reading program works!  As a rabbi and educator for over 30 years, I have tried many Hebrew language programs in Religious Schools.  None of them worked as well as Yofee Tofee!

I have observed Ellen teach her materials for the last 8 years.  The students are excited, engaged,

attentive and joyful while learning.  The classes are dynamic and contain games, art and content

in addition to practicing and reading Hebrew.

Years later, with 7th grade B'nei Mitzvah students, as we practice their Hebrew for chanting Torah, 

they laugh and remember the tools and skills they learned before in Yofee Tofee.

I highly recommend this program to all educators.  You will be satisfied with the amazing results.

What a delight to have a program that works!"

Rabbi Toba August,

Temple Shalom of the South Bay

"Yofee Tofee is an amazing and exciting program for teaching Hebrew.  In all my years as a school principal and a Rabbi, I have not encountered a fun-filled education program equal to Yofee Tofee.

Not only children, but also adults who have difficulties learning a language are successful in learning

Hebrew.  It is remarkable to see the joy of success of their faces.  Kol Hakavod!!!"

Rabbi Miriam Hamrell

Ahavat Torah Congregation

Los Angeles, California

from Educators

"We have been using the Yofee Tofee language program in second and third grades for several years and it has proven to be a successful technique.  Our students apply the memory clues

to reading, writing and creating words with their cards.  Most importantly, they retain the named and sounds of the Alef-Bet and develop Hebrew reading skills appropriate to their grades.  Posters placed in the classroom reinforce the visual cues in the student cards and books.  The games and activities supplement the learning and children are clearly having fun and are excited to participate.  Teacher Ellen Eisenstat will introduce new students to Yofee Tofee this fall and I'm looking forward 

to continued success with the program."

Rabbi Carrie Benveniste,

Director of Education

Congregation Tikvat Jacob's Ohren Education Center

"We are so grateful to have Yofee Tofee for our students!  The students actually ENJOY learning Hebrew with Yofee Tofee.  While language programs can be repetitive and tedious to us, Yofee Tofee offers exciting ways for students to recognize letters and vowels in their classroom.  These cues stay with them throughout the years and truly help them retain the language and how to decode Hebrew

words.  Yofee Tofee was so successful for our 2nd grade students, that we carried over the program

to 3rd grade and had them continue with the materials.  The results were astounding!  The students

are proud of their progress and eager to share their learning with their parents.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who teaches Hebrew!"

Rabbi Cantor Lily Blum,

Religious School Director

Temple Shalom of the South Bay

"I have used the Yofee Tofee Hebrew program for several years, teaching adults who have often tried, but failed to learn to read and write Hebrew.  The program is sequenced well and adaptable to learners' needs and pacing.  It is a multi-sensory program that enhances and supports the processes of learning, as well as the content of learning the consonants and vowels, vocabulary and grammar.  The teacher's manual is a valuable and reliable resource.  I highly recommend this program."

Sasha Borenstein,

Educational therapist and former Director of the Kelter Center

from Students and Parents

"I never learned to read Hebrew as a child.  But with a dedicated teacher and the Yofee Tofee method

of teaching Hebrew, I became a Bat Mitzvah at age 76.  Learning to read Hebrew using the Yofee Tofee program was accessible, fun and it worked!"

Rita Reuben, age 84

Retired teacher

Northbrook, Illinois

"I had spent two years studying Hebrew at a university, but Rena's materials cleared up so many confusions I had about pronunciation, spelling and grammar.  The exercises helped so much

to improve my fluency."

Cathleen Loeser

Retired teacher,

Los Angeles Unified School District

"As a parent, I was grateful to have this program as my children's introduction to Hebrew.  Both my son and daughter learned to read using Yofee Tofee.  The cards and books are profoundly more engaging

and effective than the traditional learning materials out there, and because they are so cute and fun,

they took drudgery out of homework time.  My children became confident Hebrew readers and that made preparing for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs so much easier."

Abby H. (parent)

"The Yofee Tofee cards and books were really great and made learning Hebrew with Morah Ellen fun for me.  The mnemonic devices and pictures helped me memorize all the letters and vowels quickly.  The cards also made it really easy to string letters together to form words.  Because the cards are small and portable, it felt more like a fun activity than schoolwork.  After finishing the Yofee Tofee books, I was ready to learn my Bar Mitzvah prayers and Torah portion."

Ben H. (age 13)

"Both my children used Yofee Tofee with great success!  They enjoyed the fun, unique approach to learning the Hebrew language.  The memory clues were extremely helpful in memorizing the alphabet

and the cards provided an easy way to reinforce each lesson.  The fun drawings are especially beneficial

to children who learn in a more visual manner.  Yofee Tofee is an awesome way to learn Hebrew."

Lydia B.

"Yofee Tofee was a great way to learn Hebrew!  The memory clues made learning the language really fund and easy.  The unique approach of the Yofee Tofee program really helped me reach my goals. 

By the time of my Bar Mitzvah, I was confident and ready to read from the Torah!"

Marco B.

"I am really enjoying learning Hebrew with Yofee Tofee!  The memory clues are fun, and the cards are

a great way for me to review what I've learned.  It's easy to quiz myself, and review the letters I've learned during my lessons.  The workbooks are cool and make learning much more interesting!"

Gemma B.

"Rena, I am so grateful that you are teaching me to read and chant Torah for our Ahavat Torah Congregation (Los Angeles, CA).  Like so many of my generation, I learned with private lessons enough Hebrew to have my Bar Mitzvah.  To this day, nearly 7 decades later, I cherish the memory.  Unexpectedly, you and Yofee Tofee entered my life when my wife and I became members of the shul.

As I remember when we began studying together, we reviewed my reading ability.  Not only had I

forgotten more than I realized, but I kept confusing similar looking Hebrew letters.  Though I achieved

a Master's Degree in Social Work, straight memorization comes hard.  Reviewing and learning to correct

my old habits was a bit daunting.  Usually learning is a chore, but Yofee Tofee with the workbook

practicesand the delightful picture flash cards was supportive, inspiring and fun.

Through your wonderful material and creative teaching, I am realizing a dream which brings me closer

and closer to Torah and Judaism."

Marvin Warsofsky

"When I decided to become a Bat Mitzvah at age 58, my biggest worry was learning Hebrew.  I hadn't gone to Hebrew school as a child and the idea of learning a whole new alphabet was extremely intimidating.  I was lucky enough to study with Rena Jaffe using the methods she had developed.

I won't go so far as to say learning Hebrew was easy, but using the associations made it fun and very

doable.  I was amazed at how much Hebrew I learned in a short time and I give the Yofee Tofee

technique credit for that.  I would recommend this method to anyone thinking of studying Hebrew.

It was a joy to lead prayers and chant from the Torah at my Bat Mitzvah!"

Laurel Gord

"Entering my Adult Bat Mitzvah training, I had absolutely no experience with the Hebrew Language. 

My Hebrew teacher Rena Jaffe introduced me to her picture card program, which aided me visually

and allowed me to mentally retain the Hebrew letters and vowels.  I am grateful to have had

the opportunity to utilize this wonderful program.

On a side note...my Bat Mitzvah was a success!"

Kevi Williams

"Yofee Tofee helped me to learn and remember how to read Hebrew.  The cards, with visual cues next to the Hebrew letter, were especially valuable.  For example, Bet with a picture of a boat next to it.  Or, Tav with a picture of a ticket, and so on.  I would review the cards, sound out the Hebrew letters and associate the letters and visual cues, making it so much easier to remember.

In less than a month I was able to read the Hebrew letters without the cues.  I am sure it would have

taken a lot longer if it were not for them.  In a short time I was able to read Hebrew words and then

sentences.  I am so thankful to Rena Jaffe for teaching me Hebrew in such a pleasant and easy way.

I became a Bat Mitzvah at my congregation, reading my Torah portion in Hebrew.  I now read along

at services on Shabbat."

Bea Smetana-Beals,

Santa Monica, CA

Dear Morah Ellen,

Thank you for another wonder year with our child!  We are so truly lucky to have you at our synagogue.

Your Yofee Tofee Program and you set such a wonderful foundation for learning Hebrew and you make it relevant and memorable.  I wish I'd had you as my teacher when I was growing up!

Jessica H.

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